Galik Building Co.

We Are Very Pleased To Have Built A Home With You

We are extremely happy with our new home. We greatly appreciate the hours you spent with us in the planning and completion. We felt that you went above the call of duty on numerous occasions, whether by impromptu meetings, or phone availability! The house was built to specs, and that says a lot.

Many of the details are a concern to new Home Buyers. We have never built a home before. Your attention to detail is truly your greatest asset, and greatly appreciated. I have confidence that you sweated many of the details, so we didn’t have to. And agreeability to change and new ideas was not discouraged, but encouraged, as was creativity and new design.

We are very pleased to have built a home with you, and would recommend you to anyone, and everyone that we meet. Call us a satisfied customer.



Steve & Marsha Suess

P.S. We also want to commend you on follow up after the closing. Remaining fixtures and details as well as trouble-shooting, have been completed graciously and in a timely fashion.

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