Galik Building Co.


Thank You For Making Our House A Dream Home

We would like to thank you for making the purchase of our new home a good experience. Our house has turned out to be everything we have always wanted. This is our fourth new house that we have built and it is the only one that was built without any problems.

We appreciate all the time that you spent with us during the building process and making it an enjoyable project.

We are extremely happy with the quality of our house and the expertise that you provided. If we ever decide to build again, we will certainly be happy and proud to have a Galik home. We have recommended you to our friends and wish you continued success. Thanks again for making our house a dream home.



Marcella Wilson and Mark S. Wilson

We Are Proud To Live In A Galik Home

We have been meaning to send you this letter for some time now, to express our delight in our new home and gratitude to you for making it possible. Having lived in it for over a year now, we are still pleased with the quality built into this home.

As first-timers in this home building process, we had decided to research everything thoroughly before making a commitment to build. We visited many other model homes before yours. The quality was very evident in your model home, and in talking with you that first time, as well as in subsequent conversations, we noted your eye for detail and your commitment to quality.

You were very willing to work with us, answer our million and one questions, walk us through the whole process to our satisfaction, and honestly cover all the aspects regarding costs, so that there would be no unpleasant surprises along the way. (There weren’t any!) At our request, we spent a good amount of time discussing the contract and coming to a mutual understanding on the wording, so that we were both satisfied and protected during this process. You were extremely organized in the planning and timing, so that the building process remained on schedule even throughout one of the coldest, rainiest springs on record! We really appreciated all the time you spent with us, even driving us around neighborhoods to look at various brick colors, roofing styles, etc., so that on our end, we were able to discuss our preferences and come to decisions more easily. You provided us with a lot of information, yet always were sensitive to our taste and preferences. You were more than willing to make some modifications of the plan that we suggested, making ours a truly custom home. During the various phases of the building, you kept us very well informed of progress. All of our calls were returned very promptly and courteously. Contrary to horror stories we heard from friends who had built homes with other builders, we always felt that you and we were working in partnership instead of against each other!

Our move-in date proceeded right on schedule, and our home was in beautiful condition from the start. Only some landscaping needed to be completed, and it was completed shortly thereafter. You followed through on some repair work that needed to be done later and showed care and concern about this. We still enjoy chatting with you occasionally when you’re in the neighborhood and always get the feeling that you have an interest in the neighborhood and the satisfaction of all your customers. Others had warned us that the builder would “disappear” once the final check was written, but you didn’t!

We are proud to live in a Galik home and would be happy to be a reference to your future customers. We are very pleased with our home, and would love to show anyone around, just give us a call! Although we plan to live here a long, long time, if we ever do decide to build again, we would certainly want you to do it! Thanks again, and we wish you continued success.



Ed and Mary Westmeyer

Thank You For Making This Such An Enjoyable Experience

We wanted to send you a letter of thanks for the awesome job you did building our house. We really enjoyed working with you and wanted to thank you for making this such an enjoyable experience. We can’t believe, even now, that you were able to complete our home within the time frame it was completed. The quality of all aspects of our home, from framing to finish work, is equal to, or more than we expected and beats anything we’ve seen over the (8) years we’ve been looking for and planning our dream home. Your eye for detail from the minute the hole for our basement was dug, was great! We were so impressed at the organization and planning that you put into building our home. You never seemed to miss a beat as things progressed. We really appreciated your willingness to work with us and our ideas as things moved along as well as your innovative ideas when reviewing our ideas. You always seemed to have our best interests at heart, taking the time to explain things so well and many times came up with better ideas or less costly ideas that resulted in the same effects we wanted, which we really appreciated. We were glad you were honest enough to tell us when something was too costly or generally was a bad idea based on your past experience or observations. It’s not easy being in the position of having to tell the customer they’re not always right and remain on good terms with them, which you certainly were able to do with us. On the other hand, your willingness to be flexible and allow our creativeness to change some of your ideas was great and really gave us a feeling that we had as much to do with the design of our house as you. We also appreciated how well you kept us informed of what to expect as each step of the construction of our house progressed.

Please feel free to use this letter and us as references with future customers. Bring them by if you’d like. We’d be glad to show them around. Obviously, this has been a wonderful experience for us and we’re thrilled with the end result! If we ever decide to build another new home, you can be sure we will be having you build it. Thanks!!!



Natalie and Doug Wehner

“I Love This House!”

We apologize for this letter being long over-due, but wanted to take this opportunity to tell you what a delight it has been to live in the home built by you since May of 2002.

From our very first meeting, we have truly enjoyed and appreciated your professionalism and attention to detail. We both agreed that it was comforting to know that we were in a home that was built with quality in mind; a home that could stand the test of time.

Even though the model was 4 years old when we bought it, you gave us the same consideration as any new homeowner. Also, after getting to know some of our neighbors, we can certainly say that our positive experience working with you is not a unique one. You seem to have your own fan club here in Arbor Acres!

This may sound corny, but we often come home after a long day and say “I love this house!” And, after having plenty of parties and get togethers over the summer and holidays, we can assure you that our friends all love it too!


Thanks again for everything Bill!

Gary & Kathy Wegryn

We Are Very Pleased To Have Built A Home With You

We are extremely happy with our new home. We greatly appreciate the hours you spent with us in the planning and completion. We felt that you went above the call of duty on numerous occasions, whether by impromptu meetings, or phone availability! The house was built to specs, and that says a lot.

Many of the details are a concern to new Home Buyers. We have never built a home before. Your attention to detail is truly your greatest asset, and greatly appreciated. I have confidence that you sweated many of the details, so we didn’t have to. And agreeability to change and new ideas was not discouraged, but encouraged, as was creativity and new design.

We are very pleased to have built a home with you, and would recommend you to anyone, and everyone that we meet. Call us a satisfied customer.



Steve & Marsha Suess

P.S. We also want to commend you on follow up after the closing. Remaining fixtures and details as well as trouble-shooting, have been completed graciously and in a timely fashion.

You Are What You Seem, A Good Guy, A Good Builder, And A Man Of Your Word

We just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for building a great home for our family. The home was built with great quality, craftsmanship, and engineering. We have now lived in our home for just a few days past a year and it has been absolutely great. I love coming home to it every day and enjoying my family in it.

It is great to live in a home that is not only beautiful but has no problems. In our old home, it seemed there was always a home project that needed to be done. Here there are none. It is just beautiful, reliable, and warm. The energy efficiency is wonderful as well. We keep our house a comfortable 70 to 72 degrees and our gas bill, including our water heater and our gas fireplace, never exceeds $130 per month even in the coldest months of winter. That is particularly amazing given the large size of our windows. We really enjoy all of the light that comes in, even in our dark Cleveland winter days, our home is filled with light and it just makes you feel good- especially when we look out our rear windows and see a beautiful green lake with fountains (during the spring, summer and fall), a large forest and a 20 acre field.

Lastly, it was great going through the home building process with you. Once we signed the agreement the project management flowed on auto pilot. We didn’t need to remind you to do things, or ask you to keep your word. Everything just flowed. Given my experience working with other companies, I can say this is rare and it is a breath of fresh air.

I remember when I first met you and began talking with you. Your folksy, “I care so much about the homes I build,” demeanor really made me ask, “Is this guy for real?” Our guts told us it was. We were right. You are what you seem, a good guy, a good builder, and a man of your word. Thanks for everything.



Joe & Becky Soltis

Our Relocation Was Made So Much Easier Having You On Our Side

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to you for making the home building experience so wonderful. Our house turned out beautiful and we have you to thank!

Building the house while relocating presented many special concerns for us. Without being able to see the progress on a daily basis, our fear was that we would not be able to make changes or catch mistakes in time for corrections. We were also concerned that we would be forced to make decisions and selections very quickly and with limited information. You were able to turn our fears into complete confidence. You kept us informed concerning the progress of the house and any changes that may have occurred. We were informed well in advance of choices that would have to be made and always had plenty to of time to make a decision. In many instances, we were able to find our possible selections in Michigan and decide there instead of traveling to Avon. Of course, one of our main concerns was that the move-in date would slip and we would be forced into a long stay in temporary housing after our transfers. We prepared for the worst after hearing so many horror stories from others who have built homes. However, we were thrilled to be able to move in one month earlier than we agreed upon! Our relocation was made so much easier having you on our side.

We appreciate all the time you spent with us during the building process. Because we were not in the area often, you always made yourself available to us and spent quite a lot of time with us when we were in town. You provided us with a lot of information and really guided us through the building process so that we didn’t make mistakes.

We have lived in our new home for six months now and your services have remained excellent. You have followed up on all work that wasn’t complete when we moved in. You have responded promptly to any calls that we have had and without question, quickly made the few minor repairs needed.

We are extremely happy with the quality of our house and the expertise that you provided. If we ever decide to build again, we will certainly be happy and proud to have a Galik home. We have recommended you to our friends and wish you continued success. Thanks for being such a great builder.



Rollie and Krista Sharer

Very Grateful To You For Making The Whole Building Process A Pleasant Experience

Steve and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for building us such a wonderful home. Not only are we thrilled with our beautiful house, but we are also very grateful to you for making the whole building process a pleasant experience.

Since this was our very first time building a home, Steve and I were very cautious and researched everything thoroughly. We were not willing to settle for anything less than perfect, which was why we weren’t happy with any of the homes that our realtor showed us.

I will never forget the first time we looked at the Arbor Acres model home. We absolutely loved it. We could see that the quality was better than in any other homes we had seen. After our initial meeting with you, we could also tell that you took great pride in your work and that you were very detail-oriented, two qualities that you continued to display throughout the process.

Steve and I thoroughly enjoyed the planning stages. You were very personable and took the time to explain the options and how they impacted us, which in turn made us feel informed and confident with our choices. Finally, a key issue for us was that your stated prices were the actual prices we paid, contrary to most of the stories we’d heard from friends that hired other builders.

We are extremely happy in our new home and would be proud to recommend you to our friends. Thank you for everything, Bill. We wish you the best.


Jennifer and Steve Peganoff

We Take Pride In Knowing Our House Is A Reflection Of Us

We’re writing this letter to let you know how pleased we are with our new house, and to highlight some of the reasons why we would recommend you to other prospective buyers.

As a young couple, this was only our 2nd house, and the first time we had ever built. We were hesitant about making the decision to build because a house is a major purchase, and when building you don’t get to see the final product until long after the commitments are made. Now that we have moved in, we are very happy. We take pride in knowing that our house is a reflection of us, and love that we got a house that was exactly what we wanted.

We know many other people who have built houses, and most have had positive experiences. Buyers who educate themselves will most likely not have any problems. But from talking with those who have dealt with other builders, you are definitely at the top end of being involved and committed. You made sure that we had all of the facts, in order to prevent problems before they could even start. Many fine details of the building process were discussed, and you gave us valuable advice on the pros and cons of various options, allowing us to be confident in our decisions.

Your organizational skills are excellent and that is certainly a major reason why our building experience went so well. Every question and comment that we made to you (even those made just in passing) were followed up on completely, and to our satisfaction. Even now, having been in the house for several months, your responsiveness has been just as thorough as before.

Again, thank you for all of the hard work that went into making not only our house, but also the entire building process, a very good one. We have already recommended Galik Building Co. to many of our friends and work acquaintances and will continue to do so. Please feel free to share this letter with others.


Mike & Nikki Nemcek

If We Decide To Build Another Home, Bill Will Be Our First Choice

My wife and I spent a lot of time looking for the right home to purchase. After a fruitless search we decided to build, but who was the right builder for us? Then we happened upon Mr. Bill Galik. From the very start we felt very comfortable working with Bill. Beginning with the initial search for a floor plan to the final details for the finishing touches of our new home, Bill was an excellent source of information about what we could and could not do and exciting ideas of things to add to our home. He gave us many options without feeling overloaded on too many decisions.

I would have to say the key word I found working with Bill was “integrity.” Bill always did what he said he would, when he said he would do it, for the price he said he would do it for. It was truly a pleasurable experience. If we decide to build another home, Bill will definitely be our first choice. Thank you.


Duane Linder