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We Are Proud To Live In A Galik Home

We have been meaning to send you this letter for some time now, to express our delight in our new home and gratitude to you for making it possible. Having lived in it for over a year now, we are still pleased with the quality built into this home.

As first-timers in this home building process, we had decided to research everything thoroughly before making a commitment to build. We visited many other model homes before yours. The quality was very evident in your model home, and in talking with you that first time, as well as in subsequent conversations, we noted your eye for detail and your commitment to quality.

You were very willing to work with us, answer our million and one questions, walk us through the whole process to our satisfaction, and honestly cover all the aspects regarding costs, so that there would be no unpleasant surprises along the way. (There weren’t any!) At our request, we spent a good amount of time discussing the contract and coming to a mutual understanding on the wording, so that we were both satisfied and protected during this process. You were extremely organized in the planning and timing, so that the building process remained on schedule even throughout one of the coldest, rainiest springs on record! We really appreciated all the time you spent with us, even driving us around neighborhoods to look at various brick colors, roofing styles, etc., so that on our end, we were able to discuss our preferences and come to decisions more easily. You provided us with a lot of information, yet always were sensitive to our taste and preferences. You were more than willing to make some modifications of the plan that we suggested, making ours a truly custom home. During the various phases of the building, you kept us very well informed of progress. All of our calls were returned very promptly and courteously. Contrary to horror stories we heard from friends who had built homes with other builders, we always felt that you and we were working in partnership instead of against each other!

Our move-in date proceeded right on schedule, and our home was in beautiful condition from the start. Only some landscaping needed to be completed, and it was completed shortly thereafter. You followed through on some repair work that needed to be done later and showed care and concern about this. We still enjoy chatting with you occasionally when you’re in the neighborhood and always get the feeling that you have an interest in the neighborhood and the satisfaction of all your customers. Others had warned us that the builder would “disappear” once the final check was written, but you didn’t!

We are proud to live in a Galik home and would be happy to be a reference to your future customers. We are very pleased with our home, and would love to show anyone around, just give us a call! Although we plan to live here a long, long time, if we ever do decide to build again, we would certainly want you to do it! Thanks again, and we wish you continued success.



Ed and Mary Westmeyer

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