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Very Grateful To You For Making The Whole Building Process A Pleasant Experience

Steve and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for building us such a wonderful home. Not only are we thrilled with our beautiful house, but we are also very grateful to you for making the whole building process a pleasant experience.

Since this was our very first time building a home, Steve and I were very cautious and researched everything thoroughly. We were not willing to settle for anything less than perfect, which was why we weren’t happy with any of the homes that our realtor showed us.

I will never forget the first time we looked at the Arbor Acres model home. We absolutely loved it. We could see that the quality was better than in any other homes we had seen. After our initial meeting with you, we could also tell that you took great pride in your work and that you were very detail-oriented, two qualities that you continued to display throughout the process.

Steve and I thoroughly enjoyed the planning stages. You were very personable and took the time to explain the options and how they impacted us, which in turn made us feel informed and confident with our choices. Finally, a key issue for us was that your stated prices were the actual prices we paid, contrary to most of the stories we’d heard from friends that hired other builders.

We are extremely happy in our new home and would be proud to recommend you to our friends. Thank you for everything, Bill. We wish you the best.


Jennifer and Steve Peganoff

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