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You Are What You Seem, A Good Guy, A Good Builder, And A Man Of Your Word

We just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for building a great home for our family. The home was built with great quality, craftsmanship, and engineering. We have now lived in our home for just a few days past a year and it has been absolutely great. I love coming home to it every day and enjoying my family in it.

It is great to live in a home that is not only beautiful but has no problems. In our old home, it seemed there was always a home project that needed to be done. Here there are none. It is just beautiful, reliable, and warm. The energy efficiency is wonderful as well. We keep our house a comfortable 70 to 72 degrees and our gas bill, including our water heater and our gas fireplace, never exceeds $130 per month even in the coldest months of winter. That is particularly amazing given the large size of our windows. We really enjoy all of the light that comes in, even in our dark Cleveland winter days, our home is filled with light and it just makes you feel good- especially when we look out our rear windows and see a beautiful green lake with fountains (during the spring, summer and fall), a large forest and a 20 acre field.

Lastly, it was great going through the home building process with you. Once we signed the agreement the project management flowed on auto pilot. We didn’t need to remind you to do things, or ask you to keep your word. Everything just flowed. Given my experience working with other companies, I can say this is rare and it is a breath of fresh air.

I remember when I first met you and began talking with you. Your folksy, “I care so much about the homes I build,” demeanor really made me ask, “Is this guy for real?” Our guts told us it was. We were right. You are what you seem, a good guy, a good builder, and a man of your word. Thanks for everything.



Joe & Becky Soltis

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