Galik Building Co.

Thank You For Making This Such An Enjoyable Experience

We wanted to send you a letter of thanks for the awesome job you did building our house. We really enjoyed working with you and wanted to thank you for making this such an enjoyable experience. We can’t believe, even now, that you were able to complete our home within the time frame it was completed. The quality of all aspects of our home, from framing to finish work, is equal to, or more than we expected and beats anything we’ve seen over the (8) years we’ve been looking for and planning our dream home. Your eye for detail from the minute the hole for our basement was dug, was great! We were so impressed at the organization and planning that you put into building our home. You never seemed to miss a beat as things progressed. We really appreciated your willingness to work with us and our ideas as things moved along as well as your innovative ideas when reviewing our ideas. You always seemed to have our best interests at heart, taking the time to explain things so well and many times came up with better ideas or less costly ideas that resulted in the same effects we wanted, which we really appreciated. We were glad you were honest enough to tell us when something was too costly or generally was a bad idea based on your past experience or observations. It’s not easy being in the position of having to tell the customer they’re not always right and remain on good terms with them, which you certainly were able to do with us. On the other hand, your willingness to be flexible and allow our creativeness to change some of your ideas was great and really gave us a feeling that we had as much to do with the design of our house as you. We also appreciated how well you kept us informed of what to expect as each step of the construction of our house progressed.

Please feel free to use this letter and us as references with future customers. Bring them by if you’d like. We’d be glad to show them around. Obviously, this has been a wonderful experience for us and we’re thrilled with the end result! If we ever decide to build another new home, you can be sure we will be having you build it. Thanks!!!



Natalie and Doug Wehner

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