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Our Relocation Was Made So Much Easier Having You On Our Side

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to you for making the home building experience so wonderful. Our house turned out beautiful and we have you to thank!

Building the house while relocating presented many special concerns for us. Without being able to see the progress on a daily basis, our fear was that we would not be able to make changes or catch mistakes in time for corrections. We were also concerned that we would be forced to make decisions and selections very quickly and with limited information. You were able to turn our fears into complete confidence. You kept us informed concerning the progress of the house and any changes that may have occurred. We were informed well in advance of choices that would have to be made and always had plenty to of time to make a decision. In many instances, we were able to find our possible selections in Michigan and decide there instead of traveling to Avon. Of course, one of our main concerns was that the move-in date would slip and we would be forced into a long stay in temporary housing after our transfers. We prepared for the worst after hearing so many horror stories from others who have built homes. However, we were thrilled to be able to move in one month earlier than we agreed upon! Our relocation was made so much easier having you on our side.

We appreciate all the time you spent with us during the building process. Because we were not in the area often, you always made yourself available to us and spent quite a lot of time with us when we were in town. You provided us with a lot of information and really guided us through the building process so that we didn’t make mistakes.

We have lived in our new home for six months now and your services have remained excellent. You have followed up on all work that wasn’t complete when we moved in. You have responded promptly to any calls that we have had and without question, quickly made the few minor repairs needed.

We are extremely happy with the quality of our house and the expertise that you provided. If we ever decide to build again, we will certainly be happy and proud to have a Galik home. We have recommended you to our friends and wish you continued success. Thanks for being such a great builder.



Rollie and Krista Sharer

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